Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Update # 1 Nepal - Just One Sherpa Family

Nima with his daughter and mother, pre-earthquake

We just spoke with Nima Sherpa, 30 year old son of Ang Nima, our trek sirdar and family to us since 1991. Nima now guiding and in the summer he takes work in Norway as a stone mason.

Their home is still standing in Khunde, Khumbu Everest region, but severely damaged, as are all the others. Nima says that everyone is  sleeping outside in tents till their homes can be torn down and rebuilt. It took years upon years of hard work as mountain guides and lodge owners to finally reach a point where their lives were starting to get comfortable, their children are being educated and families starting to enjoy the comforts of western life. In 20 seconds it's gone!

Nima is trying to get out of Nepal to go to work in Norway to raise money for new construction costs. He managed to get a helicopter lift just now that was taking an Everest avalanche victim to Kathmandu. He is not able to access the consulate for a visa because of the chaos and destruction in Kathmandu,  he's now caught up in the mix of millions of Nepalese trying  to put the pieces back together of a shattered life.

Nima confirms that all Peak Freaks staff are safe, no loss of life of any of our people.  Our team and families has managed to dodge the bullet once again.

Grateful everyone is alive - rebuilding we can do!

Becky & Tim

Photos Nima sent just now:

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