Wednesday, May 6, 2015


When the teachers training centre was built, the earth quake resistance factor was not even considered, but now it makes perfect sense as an affordable and safe and environmentally friendly habitat plan for the future. 


Our logistics are just about complete for the construction of an earth bag school in Sangachok situated in one of Nepal's most devastated regions east of Kathmandu.

We are building a school in conjunction with New Zealand based First Steps Himalaya while locals learn from the process to build their own homes. Earth homes have proven to withstand a 7.8M earthquake. They are finished with mud and chicken wire. The dirt bags and wire allows the structure stay intact while moving.  The current Teachers School that FSH built still stands and is currently being used as shelter for the homeless in this village.…/earth-bag-building-still-standing-…

We are currently running with 1 team of 12 volunteers on November 11, 2015. If everything goes to plan the walls can be assembled in just 10 days time with this many people, and with the help of some of the locals.

To donate

Kudos, hugs and big thanks to each and everyone of you who have stepped up to the plate and donated so far.

Know Your People

We first met Durga Aran, Founding Director of First Steps Himalaya back in 1991 in Nepal when he worked as a waiter at the hotel we frequented, everyone loved his big smile and eagerness to assist.  He won the lotto when he met Fionna Heiton during her time working in Nepal.  More about FSH, Durga and Fionna.!about-us/c14c3


Our other project begins October 11th, we are taking interested trekkers to the Everest region for 13 days visiting Sherpa families and their homes all while doing an assessment of their needs, and to learn about the future of the climbing industry, and to ask our Sherpa families advice on what we can do to make things better.

Autumn is the busiest tourism season in the Himalayas due clearer skies and comfortable temperatures, much busier than spring. We encourage trekkers and climbers to keep coming, getting our friends back to work and bringing a sense of normality back into their lives we feel is very important after this crisis.

Peak Freaks will donate 100% proceeds of this trek to aid these communities.


So many of our people have garnered close relations with Sherpa friends after visiting here climbing and trekking. Those interested can send monetary gifts through us to be delivered directly to friends.

For more information, please email us.

Tim and Becky Rippel

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